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Learn, Earn and Advance With Our Online AAPSCM® Programs

We offer online courses in every area of procurement, supply chain and trourism program management skill development. Maintain your AAPSCM® certification status. Or, prepare for the AAPSCM)® with our online courses anytime, anywhere on your schedule.

All courses are industry-leading quality—and all count for Professional Development or Continuing Education for recertifications

American Certified Procurement Professional (ACPP)® Authorized On-demand AAPSCM® Exam Prep

Introducing our new ACPP® Authorized On-demand AAPSCM® Exam Prep—the official ACPP® online prep course to advance your Procurement management skills and prepare for the Procurement Management Professional…

This Online Procurement Course is designed to aid professionals and students appreciate the process and perform better. It focuses more on comprehensive delivery and understanding of procurement management and practical aspects. Also, the contents in this course are created on best practices, field involvements, and industry standards; to connect the gap amongst theory and practice.

Level: Beginner and Intermediate

MEMBERS: $599.00

NON-MEMBERS: $699.00

American Certified Procurement Manager (ACPM)® Authorized On-demand AAPSCM® Exam Prep

This is a self-paced online training. Learn about Global Procurement and Sourcing. Reviews the key aspects of global procurement and sourcing, and the importance of procurement to the firm, its stakeholders, and suppliers. Outside reading will be provided to reinforce your knowledge. In addition, case studies will be used to bring these learning to life, and assessment will be used to test your overall knowledge.

In addition to the videos, readings, and podcast, learners will use their learned knowledge and newly acquired skills to solve/answer questions for “real” life cases. These cases are required and will be assessed by a Peer group. The last case in the Negotiation course, the student has an additional option to answer not only as a buyer but as a seller. That will bring more of a “real” life negotiation.

Level: Managers, Advanced Skills, Experience Professionals etc

MEMBERS: $599.00

NON-MEMBERS: $699.00

American Certified Supply Chain Professional (ACSCP)® Authorized On-demand and Self-Paced Exam Prep

Training level for professionals or basic skilss. This online training will allow you to gain hands-on experience in lean production, global supply chain coordination, risk mitigation, import-export operations, and strategic logistics management—knowledge you can immediately apply on the job to lead change and offer creative solutions to supply chain challenges.

Level: Beginner & Intermediate

MEMBERS: $599.00

NON-MEMBERS: $699.00

American Certified Supply Chain Manager (ACSCM)® Authorized On-demand Self-Paced Exam Prep

Take our online supply chain management courses for our ACSCM to learn about the best practices and procedures in optimising the flow of goods and services. We have introductory supply chain management classes that can teach you how a supply chain management system encompasses the flow of goods and services leading to the end-user. You can also take more advanced training courses that teach the importance and application of supply chain risk management. We can also show you how modern supply chains have evolved into complex international networks, and more!

Level: Advanced, for managers or graduate students

MEMBERS: $599.00

NON-MEMBERS: $699.00

American Certified Tourism Professional (ACTP)® Authorized Self-Paced On-demand

The travel industry can be very rewarding. Not only could you work in amazing places and hotels around the world but you could also benefit your own town or community by encouraging tourism to it. In order to succeed, you need a lot of background knowledge about the hospitality trade: everything from handling guests’ complaints to knowing how to keep enough food and beverages in stock. Our self-paced online courses will ground you in all aspects of hotel operations and general hospitality management especially for the service trade.

In just a few clicks, you could be starting your career in this exciting sector. It is even more valuable to be a professional member of AAPSCM®,  Register online and choose as many programs as you like.

Level: Beginner and Intermediate

MEMBERS: $599.00

NON-MEMBERS: $699.00

American Certified Tourism Manager (ACTM)® Authorized SelfpPaced On-demand Exam Prep

In the United States, hospitality and tourism management curricula follow similar core subject applications to that of a business degree, but with a focus on tourism development and hospitality management. Core subject areas include accounting, administration, finance, information systems, marketing, human resource management, public relations, strategy, quantitative methods, and sectoral studies in the various areas of hospitality business. Some colleges and universities also include food service in the curriculum

Level: Advanced

MEMBERS: $699.00

NON-MEMBERS: $799.00

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