Resume Evaluation

Resume Evaluation

Before you submit your resume would you like to take advantage of the AAPSCM® Resume Evaluation Service?

Does your resume represent you in the best light?

Writing a good resume that gets you an interview with employers is a tricky business. APS makes the job much easier by serving as a job seeking tool and by reviewing what you produce and giving suggestions for improvement.

For over thirty years the Society has helped business people improve their presentations by offering a great job seeking tool. Members receive this resume evaluation service at an affordable discounted price of $60 as a benefit offered by the Society.

You may now use this resume evaluation service even if you are not a member of the Society for a reasonable fee of $90. Here are some of the ways that this job seeking tool will help you and what the resume evaluation service includes:

  • A check of your resume for correct spelling and proper grammar
  • Suggestions are given to improve the content based on your experience
  • Suggestions are given to improve the format
  • Words and phrases that help get better results
  • Words, phrases and statements that you should avoid using
  • A personalized report that explains your resumes strengths and weaknesses
  • Tips on how to use your presentation
  • Simple tips for writing a professional and attention-getting resume

Take advantage of this job seeking tool and let your resume get the attention that it deserves.

Terms & Conditions

When you submit your resume to the AAPSCM® via the Internet and request an impartial evaluation, the AAPSCM® will review your submission and offer suggestions for improvement. The AAPSCM® makes no express or implied warranty regarding the suitability of the evaluation made and it is not responsible for the accuracy of your presentation or its contents regardless whether any suggestions are used or not. Submissions are to be Word or text files.

If you would like to submit your resume via US Postal mail, please include a check for the appropriate amount made payable in US funds to the AAPSCM®. Please be sure to include your name and return address.

We can accept your resumé in one of these formats:

Once a transaction has been submitted there is a service charge for any cancellation.

Via US Postal mail* at:
Fax – +1-(605) 608-3078
1506 Meadow Ridge Ln Suite 302

If submitting your resumé via US Postal mail, please include a check for US $90 made payable to the AAPSCM®. Please be sure to include your name and return address.