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4 Steps to Verification

4 Steps to Certification

American Association of Procurement, Supply-Chain, and Tourism Management (AAPSCM)® is the world’s leading professional association for a growing community of millions of procurement, supply chain, and tourism management professionals and changemakers worldwide.

American Association of Procurement, Supply-Chain, and Tourism Management (AAPSCM)® aims to promote and develop high standards of professional skill, ability, and integrity among all those engaged in Procurement, Sustainable, supply chain, and Tourism management. Through education, training, Certifications, philanthropy, and market research, AAPSM® promotes industry growth; the development of a skilled workforce, and a commitment to creating an environment where innovation happens and where production or service provision processes embolden the Inputs of the right’ quality, delivered in the right quantity, to the right place, at the right time, or the right price. Our overall objective is to have skilled professionals who are capable of ensuring that risks of supply failure or disruption are minimized and/or ‘covered’ by contingency plans in global commerce. Our headquarter is located in Boiling, Springs, South Carolina in the United States.

We are a vendor-neutral, independent, and pioneer of a combined source of information on a wide range of management specialization topics including Procurement, Supply-Chain, and Tourism Management, which represent industry standards, best practices and policies, management development data, and workforce. Our Certification supercharges careers for management leaders across industries and helps organizations find people with result-oriented skills and expertise that can not only work smarter but performs better.
Research AAPSCM® certifications that are available, match your interest and will help you achieve your career goals.

We offer various certifications that recognize knowledge and competency for our Management Professionals in 3 distinct areas representing both professional and Managerial skills in “AAPSCM® Certifications” – renowned as the global standard. Salaries and career opportunities for AAPSCM® show that employers recognize the value delivered by trained practitioners.
Before you start training for your AAPSCM® certification, make sure you understand the big picture of what’s on the exam. Download and study the exam objectives and practice test questions to see what’s covered and the type of questions that will be asked after registering on our website. While the same exact questions will not be on your exam, these practice test questions will give you a good idea of what to expect when you’re taking your certification exam, building your confidence and setting you up for success.

Be sure to check out online communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, instagram or LinkedIn to see what others are saying about AAPSCM® exams.
You will have two choices of completing your learning and training – either you register with our affilliate partner training institutes within your continent and country or register directly on our website, pay membership fees, apply for exam and pay examination fees, download Test Banks books, Brochures and other training materials that will prepare you for your AAPSCM® certification exam.

Choose from traditional study guides and books, online training, interactive labs, online exam prep and video training to create a learning experience that works for you. If you prefer an instructor-led certification training program to self-study training, you can find options for classroom training as well with any of our affilliate academy partners listed on our website.
When you’ve learned the skills and knowledge required by the certification, it’s time to take the exam. Once we receive your application, we’ll verify that you meet the eligibility criteria and that your experience and/or education is valid and consistent with the guidelines stated in the certification handbook.

First register as a member online or register with any of our affilliate academy partners in your country and continent, buy your examination voucher online on our website and receive your examination ID, download all course materials including the test banks which contain likely questions and answers, including past questions and answers, what to expect before, during and after your exam.

Login with your Exam ID to the exam link provided after payment, a virtual proctor agent will work you through the instructions and proctor the exam. Our exams are usually for one hour with 100 questions only

Congratulations! You are AAPSCM® Certified!

With your certification in hand, you’re joining a community of Procurement, Supply Chain and Tourism professionals who are AAPSCM® certified. You’ve earned a powerful, globally-recognized certification that will help you advance your career.

With your certification, you help your organization pursue digital initiatives that drive quick business growth, support cost optimization and enhance supply chain agility