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Your Supply Chain, Tourism, Healthcare Skills and Competencies Partner

AAPSCM® creates a wealth of content that not only follows Supply Chain, Tourism, Healthcare, and AI trends but helps shape the future as well. We are committed to defining and developing the future of Procurement (including Healthcare/Medical Procurement) and Supply Chain (including Supply Chain AI), by supporting the work of professionals and managers through research, teaching, and education programs.Explore our knowledge to stay informed and stay ahead. Join and become a member today and be part of the voice in the field by networking for updates and browsing tools for professionals, managers, researchers

Transform every part of your organisation

Be Chartered

Take any of our tests and be a Certified Professional or Manager in Supply Chain Management. (AAPSCM)® certification is designed for career starters, professionals, and managers to differentiate their skills and demonstrate jobreadiness to employers.

Be a Professional Member

You do not need to take any of the exams or tests to become a Professional member. Just send us your CV and our evaluators will determine your eligibility. You also gain by having access to all our resources and can join any of our Chapters. Chapter members have access to our library and conference centers

Become a student member

Most Universities/Colleges accept our certifications and grant credits for related programs. Help your students succeed as supply chain professionals by giving them the career tools, exam discounts, and networks to connect their ambitions to impact. Free faculty membership is included. (For degree-granting programs only.)

Become a Fellow

AAPSCM® Fellowship is home to the most influential professionals in the supply chain industry. Connect with the leaders who share your passion for procurement, supply chain, logistics, business and transformation expertise, business acumen, ethics, and social responsibilities. Send us your CV for evaluation and you will become part of the industry’s standard voice

Join forces with AAPSCM® to

Raise your professional profile, and awareness of your role and position in the workplace
Evidence your knowledge and skills against independent industry standards
Enjoy letters after your name in recognition of your ability
Demonstrate your capability and integrity to employers,clients and colleagues

Skills and Competencies for Success

AAPSCM®’s combination of industry expertise, training solutions and mission to unlock potential are unmatched. When you partner with us, you hold the key. Let us guide you on the most direct, efficient, and dependable path to the training outcomes you and your employees need. Our free train-the-trainer program puts your trainers at ease. Our simple testing program allows quick assimilation of our curriculum.

Keep pace with a changing Supply Chain Industry and transformation landscape

Ensure your students, candidates, and trainers have the skills, competencies, and certifications required to keep pace with business needs and advance in their careers.Expand employee skill sets and improve their skills in supply chain transformation or digitalization with our professional and managerial course options. Help employees and students build their careers and enhance productivity by building adjacent skills in Healthcare or Medical Procurement, Supply Chain data analytics, and AI. Help Improve retention and morale as a certified and chartered professional.

Ensure Compliance with Government Directives

Our certifications are updated regularly and aligned to ISO standards in Supply Chain Management

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has several standards that apply to supply chain management, including:
ISO 9001
Ensures that companies provide high-quality products and services by implementing a Quality Management System (QMS). It also helps address internal risk factors that affect the supply chain.
ISO 14001
A commonly adopted standard certification that applies to supply chain practices.
ISO 28000
Specifies requirements for a security management system, including aspects relevant to the supply chain. The 2022 version can be used throughout all aspects of the security of the organization.
Other ISO standards that apply to supply chain management include:
• Governance, risk, and compliance
• Privacy and data protection
• Digital transformation
ISO standards help logistics businesses manage their operations and resources to deliver orders efficiently.

Solutions Designed Around Your Training or Corporate Goals

Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all-all. We’ll design a program based on your needs in three areas:
•Mission: Who are your learners and what are the outcomes you’re seeking for them? For your organization?
•Instruction: What do they need to learn? Where, when, and how should learning take place to achieve your mission?
•Support: What additional services would help you ensure the success of your training program?

Investing in Employee Skills to Improve the Customer Experience at Thomson Reuters

Grow Your Own Supply Chain Talent - Upskill current staff who are ready and able to take on new roles in Supply Chain and Tourism Management.Skilling solutions for beginners without management backgrounds. Upskilling solutions to promote those in entry-level roles to mid-level roles at an accelerated pace. Screening services to help identify good candidates for training

Why AAPSCM®, The American Association of Procurement, Supply Chain and Tourism Management Professionals ?

We are non-commercialized. Your performance in the supply chain and tourism industry places you at the very heart of our US charter. You're actively driving up standards of professional competence, conduct, and ethical practice in the industry, for the benefit of society.Our commitment to you, as an AAPSCM® member with professional registration, is to feed your enthusiasm, support your progression and celebrate your achievements.

Licenses and regulations: As the regulatory body for Supply Chain standards, AAPSCM® licenses and regulates the professional Register for Procurement, Supply Chain and Tourism Professionals and Chartered Managers standard.

Skills for Success

We thrive on the diversity of our members. Demonstrate your competence as a trusted supply chain and tourism professional and commitment to the highest standards in your work. Be part of our membership and discover some of the incredible individuals who make up our community of members.


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