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AAPSCM®’s Academic Partner Program provides valuable tools and resources to assist schools in recruiting, training, certifying and upgrading the skills of their students in procurement, supply chain or tourism management AAPSCM®’s Academic program is designed to help training institutes or schools promote certification and enhance student career opportunities.


Financial Benefits

Certification Testing

Instructional Resources

Access to the Procurement, Supply Chain and Tourism community

Who May Join?

There is no fee to join.
Note: To remain a Partner in the AAPSCM® Academic Program, an institution must purchase content or exam vouchers directly from AAPSCM® and have our articulate agreement, signed agreement and accredited letters. Purchases must be made consistently with agreed number of students members monthly to remain in the program. AAPSCM® will monitor purchases and numbers of students presented
Complete eligibility criteria are contained in the official online application.

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