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Why Join AAPSCM®

If you’re working or studying in Business Administration, Marketing, Business Analytics or specializations in Supply Chain, Purchasing and Supply, Logistics, Tourism, and Hospitality, AAPSCM® is your professional body – here to help you connect, develop, and thrive in the Procurement, Supply Chain and Tourism industry.
American Association of Procurement, Supply-Chain, and Tourism Management (AAPSCM)® is the world’s leading professional non-profit (501c3) association for a growing community of millions of procurement, supply chain, and tourism management professionals and changemakers worldwide. We are Chartered in the US for combined professional areas of Procurement, Supply Chain, and Tourism Management with the following Charters:-

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Our Professional organization is a non-profit and not commercialized. Our exam fees are affordable. Therefore, enrich your career for less with a wide range of discounts on training, hardware, publications, and workshops
Our professional resources and research deliver value for more than 300,000 professionals working in nearly every country in the world to enhance their careers, improve organizational success, and further mature the profession. Our International Affiliate partners also represent our interests and can be found in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Bahamas, Iraq, and Bahrain. We are also expanding to other regions in Asia and Africa. Our worldwide advocacy for procurement, supply chain, and tourism management is reinforced by our globally recognized standards, certification program, extensive academic and market research programs, and professional development opportunities.


Chartered Professional Membership

You will take any of the We offer various exams and earn a passing score of 600/1000. Purchase the whole package which includes membership registration for a year, an ID card, and an offer to join any of the charters. You also have the opportunity to retake the exam free of charge after the first attempt non-passing score.


Plus one-time $50 Application fee

Professional Membership

You do not need to take any exams in the We offer various certification programs. However, you must submit your CV for perusal and evaluation to determine your eligibility. You should also have been in the related industry with a few years of experience. You must be active in your related field


Plus one-time $10 Application fee

Corporate membership

Enjoy our FREE ‘Train the Trainer’ event with free certificates. Connect with other leaders to share strategies and knowledge for driving success in Procurement, Supply Chain, and Tourism Management. Become an “Authorized & Accredited Training Partner. Create a Charter in your region and get a 40% discount on our course materials for all the certifications and more.


Plus one-time $250 Application fee

Student Membership

Start your career with the AAPSCM® Guide, plus all of our other global standards, which outline the fundamentals you need to know to become a successful procurement, supply chain, and tourism professional and manager. And now, enjoy unlimited access to AAPSCM® resources, the digital solution for original, how-to videos, templates, articles and test banks questions and answers, and books on how to complete and pass your certifications.


Plus one-time $10 Application fee

Become a Fellow Member

Are you a Corporate Executive, Supply Chain leader, or a college Professor, or have contributed significantly to Supply Chain or Tourism Management, you can apply to become a Fellow Member. Fellowship celebrates a diverse and inclusive community from a broad range of backgrounds. AAPSCM® Fellows are entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, academics, business leaders, and industry professionals. What they all have in common is the level of success they’ve reached in their professional lives. You just need to submit your CV to info@aapscm.org.


Plus one-time $300 Application fee

Any questions?

As a member you can meet people across the industry, expand your network and your thinking; plus you’ll be able to benchmark your supply chain, procurement, logistics and tourism management skills, raise your profile and discover many new routes for progression.
Wide-ranging! They include our skills e-learning library and Supply Chain, Procurement, Logistics or Tourism competency matrix, career growth, employability tools, exclusive savings and of course interaction with the different network of charters in the US.
Choose your type of membership – Chartered Professional Membership (requires taking test), Professional Membership (Do not require any exam), Student Membership (You will receive training and membership and take test as an option) or based on where you are in your career journey, and your level of experience – whether you’re studying, training, working, or just looking to give back to the industry, there’s a specific type of membership for you.

Chartered Professional is the industry’s gold standard. Achieving Chartered membership involves evidencing your competence in test but Professional membership requires only the submission of your CV for assessor review meeting.
Learn more about membership types

Upgrading involves a short online process to update and verify your credentials. When you’re ready to take your membership to the next level, head to your membership log in area or your account and send a message to info@aapscm.org