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Our member-led chapters according to each region or country make AAPSCM® strong. As the heart of AAPSCM® membership, community and chapter members serve as an army of influencers and ambassadors helping to advance the procurement, supply chain and tourism industries as well as their own businesses and careers. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate on operations managemetn and business-building initiatives, network with peers, open doors to new partnerships, and contribute ideas to shape the future of our management industry.

Being part of a community is a AAPSCM® corporate member benefit. If you are in the Canada, UK, Africa, your member benefits give you instant access to that regional community, while some of our communities, focused on removing barriers to building a more diverse procurement, supply chain and tourism workforce, are open to anyone. Find one or more that match your interests and get involved today!

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Advancing Procurement Management process for Best Value

This workforce-focused community helps Procurement Professionals and Managers launch, thrive, and advance their careers while supporting considerable cost reductions, better supplier relationships, better contractual terms and conditions, and more efficient processes.

Supply Chain & Logistics Management Group

Stay on the forefront of Supply Chain and Logistics breakthrough. Automate. Know Your Customer. Win. Winning supply chains achieve breakthrough business outcomes by leveraging analytics automation on internal and external data to develop actionable insight into the needs of customers across product, channels and other factors that influence demand.

Advancing Global Hospitality and Tourism Management

Share best practices to advance your skills in hospitality and tourism management. knowledge and skills related to service quality management, marketing, revenue management, human resource management, events, and tourism development in the hospitality and tourism industry are quite important to todays global hospitality and tourism industry

Emerging Technology

Identify the technology solutions that are transforming business operations and creating business opportunities with like minded professionals. Together, we identify challenges and opportunities with emerging and cutting-edge technologies like e-procurement, tools artificial intelligence, internet of things, drones, Automated Material Handling Systems, Bar-coding/ Automatic Identification
Cloud Computing, Computer Aided Design (CAD),Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP) etc shaping the industry

Business Technology

Explore business opportunities and challenges in North America, Asia, and Africa. We focus on NAPC – The North America Procurement Council, Inc. PBC (NAPC) is a Public Benefit Corporation (social enterprise) that operates 120 business portals for government and business featuring more than 900,000 business opportunities each year with a contract value of more than $3 trillion as a world leader in innovation by providing public and private organizations with the best possible e-purchasing platform and provide suppliers with open access to public procurement solicitations in order to streamline the procurement process, reduce costs to taxpayers, improve the quality of supplier’s services and help stimulate local & national economies.

Managed Services

Grow your business by connecting with other managed service providers. We share best practices for business strategy, getting a seat at the planning table with your customers, operations, marketing, leveraging partners, and more.

US Business Technology

Build and expand your business and connect with others to create a stronger, thriving tech industry in the US. We are a progressive, vendor-neutral industry group and inclusive community that is dedicated to embracing emerging technologies and shaping the future of the channel in our region and beyond. As a member, you are automatically registered as a charter member of the “Spartanburg SC., Charter“

USA and Canadian Supply Chain Management

Discuss common issues and look for joint solutions to strengthen the technology industry in USA and Canada.