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Become a Member

If you’re working or studying in Procurement, Supply Chain, Tourism Management, AAPSCM® is your professional body – here to help you connect, develop and thrive in the technology industry.

Why join AAPSCM®?

The American Association of Procurement and Supply Chain Management (AAPSCM)® is a U.S.-based professional organization for Procurement, Supply Chain, Tourism Management. Its services include issuing professional certifications programs in specific areas of Management – Procurement Management, Supply Chain Management , Tourism Management. It will be the first to recognize hospitality and tourism as a skilled workforce that requires recognition and provides certification recognition. AAPSCM® is known for the quality of its certifications and tests. American Association of Procurement, Supply-Chain and Tourism Management (AAPSCM)® aims to promote and develop high standards of professional and managerial skills, ability, and integrity among all those engaged in Procurement, Sustainable, supply chain, and Tourism management.

Which grade's for me?

Wherever you are in your learning journey, there’s a AAPSCM® membership grade that’s right for you.


Plus one-time US$10 Application fee

Professional Membership

Chartered Professional Membership


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Corporate Membership

Student Membership

AAPSCM® Student membership provides you with the tools and resources you need to expand your expertise and start a career in Procurement, Supply Chain, & Tourism Management. Student membership offers unique benefits including automatic opportunity to join any of our Charters in the US – the world’s modern library of supply chain materials. Student members also have access to leadership opportunities and scholarships to attend any of our annual conferences and charter meetings.


Plus one-time US $5 Application fee

US $1,999.99/Year

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Become a Fellow Member

Are you a Corporate Executive, Supply Chain leader, or a college Professor, or have contributed significantly to Supply Chain or Tourism Management, you can apply to become a Fellow Member. Fellowship celebrates a diverse and inclusive community from a broad range of backgrounds. AAPSCM® Fellows are entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, academics, business leaders, and industry professionals. What they all have in common is the level of success they’ve reached in their professional lives. You just need to submit your CV to