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Why is it different?

The CSCT® certification is highly sought-after and unique, catering to professionals and managers in both the procurement and supply chain industries. CSCT® holders are expected to lead the way in implementing the Digital Supply Chain Framework to drive digital transformation within their organizations. They possess expertise in leveraging analytics to supercharge supply chain initiatives and solve common problems. The certification grants global recognition as CSCT® holders have mastered the interactions between strategy, technology, processes, and organization. By obtaining this certification, you will be well-prepared to join any of our charters, including Columbia, SC Charter®, Dallas, Texas Charter®, New York, NY Charter®, Spartanburg, SC Charter®, and New Jersey, NJ Charter®

Why go for CSCT® Certification?

Chartered Supply Chain Technology Managers (CSCT)®  is the professional and managerial certification that provides recognition for skills and competencies in emerging and maturing supply chain technologies. Technology has always been a major source of competitive advantage with emerging technologies as a means to address digital transformation. While supply chain technologies are mostly top of mind for leaders, technologies that improve human decision-making and manage assets at the edge are also areas of focus. Supply chain organizations should unify their technology portfolio and update their legacy systems.

About the exam

The American Certified Tourism Professional (CSCT®) certification provides assessment in the areas of Technologies in Supply Chain Management.

Technology advancements and adoption are driven by better data availability and a push for better visibility, efficiency, and accuracy. The right technology solutions allow supply chain operations to make data-driven decisions and provide a competitive advantage, particularly if an organization’s competitors are slow to adopt the latest technology advancements. Technology remains a strategic imperative for supply chain organizations. In a recent Gartner survey, 61% of respondents say technology is a source of competitive advantage. Many also identify several emerging technologies as critical investment areas, with 20%  investing in robotics.

Topics evaluated in  C S C T®

What Skills Will You Learn?

Data Collection, Cost Estimation

1) The Role and Methods of Data Collection in Supply Chain Management.
2) The Costing Methods in Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Analytics

1) The Big-Supply-Chain Analytics Landscape.
2)Data Mining Concept.

Industrial Organization

1) Application of Industrial Organization Economics.
2) Reimagining Industrial Supply Chain Management.

Foundations Of Organizational Leadership

1) Leadership in Supply Chain.
2) Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and Supply Chain.

Cloud Technology and Their Applications

1) Cloud Supply Chain Management.
2) Cloud Models and types.

Introduction To Supply Chain Management Technology

1) Supply Chain Technology Concept and Procedures.
2)Technologies commonly used in the supply chain.

Industrial Supply Chain Management

1) Contract Manufacturing and Importance.
2) Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Industry.

Technology Innovation and Integration: Bar Codes To Biometrics

1)Automation Technologies in the Supply Chain Industry
2) Touchless Biometric Technologies and Innovative Solutions.

IT Project Management – Agile Methodologies

1)Agile and Lean Supply Chain.
2) Applications of Agility throughout Supply Chain.

Introduction To Statistical Quality

1)Basic Statistics in Supply Chain.
2)Introduction to Statistical Quality Control.

Who would benefit from CSCT® Certification?

Why would you benefit from CSCT® Certification?

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Exam Codes

Exam CSCT®  AC-US13

Launch Date

August 2022
November 2022

Exam Details

The new CSCT® Fundamentals exam focuses on the knowledge and skills required to identify and explain the basics of computing

Number of Questions

Maximum of 100 questions per exam

Type of Questions

Multiple choice

Length of Test

120 Minutes

Passing Score

600 (on a scale of 1000)

Recommended Experience

No prior experience necessary





Testing Provider 

Affiliate Partner Testing CentersOnline Testing


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