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Spartanburg SC., Charter

Promoting and developing high standards of professional skill, ability, and integrity among all those engaged in Procurement, Sustainable, Supply Chain, and Tourism management.

Our Certifications, and Guiding Principles

For 4 years, AAPSCM® has been the only certification body standard-bearer for combined professionalism in Procurement, Supply Chain and Tourism Management.

Spartanburg South Carolina (SC) Charter’s invitation and membership is open to only AAPSCM® registered members and all invitations to Spartanburg, SC USA can only be received by members only.

Learn more about AAPSCM® certifications, its activities, and people, and how you can be a member and be part of the Spartanburg South Carolina (SC) Charter and be part of all annual events.

We offer six certifications that recognize knowledge and competency as follows:

American Certified Procurement Professional (ACPP)®

American Certified Procurement Manager (ACPM)®

American Certified Supply-Chain Professional (ACSCP)®

American Certified Supply-Chain Manager (ACSCM)®

American Certified Tourism Professional (ACTP)®

American Certified Tourism Manager (ACTM)®


The assessment main objective is to have skilled professionals who are capable of ensuring that risks of supply failure or disruption are minimized and/or ‘covered’ by contingency plans in global commerce. The other objecive is to assure that we have professionals who are prepared to take on a variety of rewarding roles in the ever-evolving hospitality and tourism industry.

How To Find Us

You can also find and reach us at the address and information below. Want to leave feedback? Use our Contact Form!

South Carolina Office (Secretariat)

1508 Meadow Ridge Ln
Suite 302
Boiling Springs, SC
Phone: +1-(803) 998-2189
Fax: +1-(605) 608-3078

Texas Office

106 Martingale Trl
Oak Point, TX

Phone: +1-(833) 524-2846
Fax: +1-(605) 608-3078