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Need a buyer, manager or purchasing executive? Do you have buyer purchasing jobs to fill or wondering how to advertise job openings? Post job openings you have for buyers, purchasing professionals, and supply chain managers on the AAPSCM® job board posting service page to obtain experienced and qualified candidates.

AAPSCM®’s job board

The AAPSCM®’s job board posting service is your best choice to advertise when you are searching for purchasing professionals because this is the site that purchasing pros use to get information about buying and purchasing activities and buyer purchasing jobs. Your position requirements will be read by the best managers seeking buyer purchasing jobs from all over the United States

Members of the AAPSCM®

Members of the AAPSCM® are entitled to post purchasing job openings on the board. The posting service is free as one of their many benefits of membership, but nonmembers may also post job openings for a reasonable fee of only $300 for one posting or $750 for multiple postings for a year.

Approved job postings are guaranteed to be viewable on this job board posting service page for a minimum of one month if needed.

Both job board posting services also allow for employers to contact candidates who have posted their resumes on the AAPSCM®’s site or applied to roles such as online purchasing job openings or supply chain management job openings.

Employers and search firms who post job openings must agree to abide by the following rules:

No posting may include references to other purchasing organizations or other purchasing organization programs. No posting may include any profane words or phrases. The Society reserves the right to edit content of job descriptions in order to keep content appropriate for this website. Organizations posting to this job board posting service page must be equal opportunity employers and have a policy of non-discrimination. The AAPSCM® is not responsible for errors in grammar, spelling, or contents of submitted listings. All postings must supply contact information for the employee prospect and for the Society. It is the responsibility of the employer to notify the Society when the job has been filled and to request removal of the listing. The listing will be removed by the Society after the paid for period