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Over 56% of employers request AAPSCM® or studying towards it when recruiting - AAPSCM® Procurement Salary Guide 2023

As an AAPSCM® member

You’ll have achieved an internationally recognised designation, which represents the global and professional standard within the procurement and supply profession.

How you can achieve with AAPSCM®

Studying a AAPSCM® professional qualification

We work with many universities that allow you to achieve AAPSCM® by studying one of their degrees and programmers.

Develop your organisation’s procurement and supply expertise with our AAPSCM® Corporate Award.

If you’re a senior professional who already has extensive on-the-job experience, you could be eligible for the management entry route.

Professional Membership

You do not need to take the certification exam but your CV must be evaluated to meet qualifications Be part of the largest Procurement/Supply Chain/Tourism Management community Be recognized and awarded with AAPSCM® Vouchers!

Chartered Professional Membership

Take the Certification Exam up till Manager's certification and pas Be part of the largest Procurement / Supply Chain / Tourism Management community

Corporate Membership

Connect with other leaders to share strategies and knowledge for driving success in Procurement, Supply Chain and Tourism Management Become an “Authorized & Accredited Training Partner”

AAPSCM® Procurement Salary Guide 2023

The guide highlights key trends and insights for the procurement and supply chain profession. Based on an in-depth independent survey the report sets out the statistical findings alongside expert commentary and guidance to support you and your teams' career journey.


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Visit our fees page to find out how much it costs to become a member.

Membership benefits

Take a look at what benefits you receive by joining our global community of members.

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