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The American Certified Tourism Professional (ACTP®)

Tourism is one of the world’s leading industries and a major economic development tool, and as such, security (crime and terrorism) has a major impact on the tourism and event-oriented economies. Tourists today demand safety and security by well-trained professionals. The hospitality industry’s number one job is to protect its guests. If it fails in this regard, all else become irrelevant. Real security involves training, education, investments in software and the understanding that security is not a simplistic discipline.

The American Certified Tourism Professional (ACTP®) certification shows future employers that you have the practical knowledge, insights, and professional expertise to understand factors that impact how people spend their leisure time. The certification explores how to better support and develop opportunities for recreation and tourism that benefit the economy and environment as well as the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of people and communities.

This certification is a pre-requisite for ACTM® which is the standard certification for Managers in Tourism.

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Topics and Description

The American Certified Tourism Professional (ACTP®) certification provides assessment in the areas of Hospitality, tourism management and marketing, Destination marketing and management, Sustainable tourism, Tourism and environment, Tourism planning and regional development, Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality
The ACTP® certification will certify in the following objectives To be able to recognize and address tourist related security and safety concerns and thus increase business :

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