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The American Certified Tourism Manager (ACTM)®

  /  The American Certified Tourism Manager (ACTM)®

The American Certified TourismManager (ACTM®)

The American Certified Tourism Manager (ACTM®) certification can help you gain the theoretical, managerial, and technical skills you need to become a leader in the field. The certification assures employers of the skills and expertise in commercial recreation and tourism management. The topics cover areas in diversity in recreation services, introduction to leisure theory, sustainability, society, and well-being, leadership and group dynamics, legal issues in recreation, service marketing, program evaluation, event planning and programming, facilities management, foundations of tourism, career exploration and Gastronomic Tourism

About the exam

The ACTM® certification will assess crisis management techniques in tourism, assessing social, environmental, political, and economic benefits and detriments of tourism development; understanding managerial responsibilities in comprehensive recreation and tourism business plan; and creating strategic management decisions for non-profit and for-profit recreation/tourism organizations.