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The American Certified Supply Chain Manager (ACSCM)®

  /  The American Certified Supply Chain Manager (ACSCM)®

The American Certified Supply Chain Manager (ACSCM®)

The American Certified Supply Chain Manager (ACSCM®) certification shows future employers that you have the practical knowledge, insights, and professional expertise to understand how logistics and integrated supply chain can contribute to firm competitiveness. This certification explores ability to conceptualize, design, and implement supply chains aligned with product, market, and customer characteristics. Business competition is now between supply networks rather than individual corporations. The certification tests for managerial ability in administration of the flow of products, information, and revenue across supply chains, which differentiates the ability of supply networks to fulfill customer needs.

About the exam

ACSCM® examination tests your managerial capabilities in logistics, digital coordination for supply chain integration, inventory management, risk pooling, procurement, product and process design, and international supply chain management, including logistics, digital coordination of decisions and resources, inventory and risk management, procurement and supply contracting, product and process design, and revenue management. The objective is to evaluate how to:

  1. Align supply chain integration strategy with the uncertainty conditions of supplyand demand.
  2. Optimally position the push-pull boundary to leverage economies of scale andeconomies of scope.
  3. Evaluate distribution strategies to balance responsiveness and efficiency.
  4. Evaluate strategic alliances for logistics and retailer-supplier relationships, such asvendor managed inventory.
  5. Design implementation processes for partnerships, such as vendor managedinventory, that involve information sharing and shared governance of processesand infrastructure.
  6. Evaluate outsourcing decisions by applying the buy-make framework.
  7. Design e-procurement strategies for a firm’s procurement portfolio of productsand services.
  8. Evaluate how the logistics process can be constrained by product design, and theimplications of constraint reduction on logistics performance and marketresponsiveness.

The ACSCM® certification examination is the overall assessment of the understanding of the framework for SCM that requires cross-functional integration of key business processes within the firm and across the network of firms that comprise the supply chain