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If you’re working or studying in Procurement, Supply Chain, Tourism Management, AAPSCM is your professional body – here to help you connect, develop and thrive in the technology industry.

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The American Association of Procurement and Supply Chain Management (AAPSCM®) is a U.S.-based professional organization for Procurement, Supply Chain, Tourism Management. Its services include issuing professional certifications programs in specific areas of Management – Procurement Management, Supply Chain Management , Tourism Management. It will be the first to recognize hospitality and tourism as a skilled workforce that requires recognition and provides certification recognition.

AAPSCM® is known for the quality of its certifications and tests. American Association of Procurement, Supply-Chain and Tourism Management (AAPSCM)® aims to promote and develop high standards of professional and managerial skills, ability, and integrity among all those engaged in Procurement, Sustainable, supply chain, and Tourism management.

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Wherever you are in your learning journey, there’s a ACCSCM membership grade that’s right for you.

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