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The American Certified Procurement Professionals (ACPP)® - for Professionals

Why is it different?

The American Certified Procurement Professional (ACPP®) certification shows future employers that you have the practical knowledge, insights, and professional expertise to meet increasingly heightened. Procurement management processes and ethics demands. ACPP® certification is a pre-requisite for ACPM® which is the standard certification for Managers in Procurement.

Why go for ACPP® Certification?

ACPP® certification helps professionals acquire basic knowledge and skills of a procurement specialist.

The ACPP® certification exam assumes that you have a close working relationship with the procurement process.

The examination assesses your understanding of a formal process of obtaining goods and services, Procurement Management Plan, Procurement Statement of Work (SOW), procurement documents, change requests, additional procurement documentation and lessons learned are the outputs of a Procurement Management Process.

About the exam

The ACPP® exam provides an overview of procurement fundamentals, basic definitions and discover why procurement is important to the firm, sourcing strategies, supplier relationship management, negotiations, evaluation metrics, difference between “Directs and Indirects”, “basic” flow of procurement processes and more. You’ll be better equipped to:

  • Develop a strategic sourcing strategy
  • Establish effective procurement policies
  • Effectively score supplier capabilities and select optimal suppliers

This exam includes basic information on procurement, Importance of the procurement organization and its’ role in the organization, cost vs. value, processes such as the use of RFQ, RFP, RFX, Differences between direct and indirect procurement, e-Procurement, and involving users and suppliers.

What Skills Will You Learn?


Comprehend and determine what resources to get, how to get them, when to get them, and how much is needed for the completion of the project. Simply put, the Plan Procurement Management identifies what the project needs to complete it.


Comprehend processes and steps for successful e-procurement strategies. Electronic procurement (also referred to as eProcurement or e-procurement) is the process of buying and selling goods and services over the internet. Electronic procurement creates digital communication lines between buying organizations and their suppliers and supports the process of requisitioning, ordering, and exchange of purchase documents in the business-to-business (B2B) world.


Comprehend the negotiation process and the tools, techniques and methods negotiators use to achieve better outcomes. Understand the negotiation process in terms of the end to end process and demonstrate the behaviours that are appropriate at each phase. Have the ability to conduct negotiation planning in a way that allows the organisation to define what are the key objectives and how they may be achieved


After payroll, the biggest source of cost in almost all organizations is the procurement of the items that present the ``cost of doing business``.


Comprehend usage of technology in procurement management and why it is necessary. Topics will include the areas it is commonly used, the options and trends in those areas, and what to consider before implementing new technology into your procurement management practices


Comprehend corporate governance, ethics and social responsibilty. A strategic problem that is faced throughout all sectors of business management is without a doubt ethics and social responsibility. Just like other core sectors of a business the purchasing sector faces certain

Who would benefit from acquiring ACPP®?

  • Students considering a career in Procurement Management.
  • Professionals working in fields that require a broad understanding of Procurement Management.
  • Marketing, sales and operations staff in operational department in organizations.
  • New graduates who require management skills and competency in their jobs

Why would you benefit from acquiring ACPP®?

Procurement and supply chain management jobs are expected to grow much faster than average (41%), adding 1.1 million new jobs over the 10-year period 2020-2030. (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

The purchasing process will enable the sourcing of those innovative goods and services in the hopes of securing a competitive advantage. In some cases, solidifying (empowering) this function might even yield exclusive deals with suppliers

Exam Codes

Exam (ACPP®) - AC-US01

Launch Date

January 2, 2020

Exam Details

The ACPP® examination focuses on the knowledge and skills required to identify and explain the basics of procurement management plan, formal process of obtaining goods and services, E-Procurement Process, Strategic Sourcing, Technology tools for Procurement and ethics and social responsibility in procurement management

Number of Questions

Maximum of 100 questions per exam

Type of Questions

Multiple choice

Length of Test

120 Minutes

Passing Score

600 (on a scale of 1000)

Recommended Experience

No prior experience necessary





Testing Provider 

Affiliate Partners Testing Centers
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