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Chartered Managers in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution (CLTDM)®

Supply chain managers need to be knowledgeable about inventory control, operations management, third-party logistics, raw materials, transportation, and many other topics. The best logistics and supply chain management degrees will teach all of this and more to train versatile and dedicated supply chain manage- ment professionals.

If you want to advance your career in logistics and supply chain management, start by learning the basics of the process, as well as the benefits and challenges of managing transporta- tion and logistics in supply chains.

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Topics evaluated in CLTDM®

American Association of Procurement and Supply Chain Management (AAPSCM)®

Supply chain and manufacturing strategy

1)Operational and supply chain resiliency.
2) Supply chain insights and resources.

Complexity management/cost to serve

1)Cost of Complexity and its Calculations.
2) Evaluating the risk level of your suppliers.

Make vs. buy analytics

1)How to conduct a make-or-buy analysis?.
2) The best practices for a make-or-buy analysis.
3) challenges and limitations of a make-or-buy analysis.

Information technology and business processes

1)Understanding the Supply Chain IT Framework.
2) Components of a Supply Chain IT Framework.
3) The Importance of IT in Supply Chain Management.
4) Examples of IT Solutions in Supply Chain Management.
5) Challenges and Barriers to IT Adoption in Supply Chain Management.

Coordinated product and supply chain design

1)Digital Supply Chain: Reinventing Supply Chains for the Future.
2) Complexity of a supply chain network..
3) Supply Chain ConFiguration.
4) Coordinated Product, Process, and Logistics Decisions.

Supply chain operating model design

1) Make-to-stock (MTS).
2) Make-to-order (MTO).
3) Assemble-to-order (ATO).

Supply chain segmentation

1) The Value of Supply Chain Segmentation.
2) Supply Chain Segmentation Strategy.
3) Types of Supply Chain Segments.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)strategy

1) What ESG Means for Supply Chain Management.
2)How Companies Can Integrate ESG into Their Operations.
3)How Companies Can Integrate ESG into Their Operations.

Global logistics and risk management

1) Identifying susceptibilities, vulnerabilities, and threats throughout the supply chain.
2)Developing mitigation strategies to combat those threats.
3)Implementing strategies to manage both everyday and exceptional risks.

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Jason matyus

Career spans many disciplines. I started out as a public-school teacher. After leaving teaching I worked for 20 years as a business professional working for two Fortune 500 Companies. Within those 20 years, I had varying roles that touched Project Management, logistics and Supply Chain, Procurement, Corporate Trainer, and Leadership. After receiving my MBA in Leadership and my Doctorate in Business Management I have spent the last 5 years in higher education. In addition to my work in business, I have been on the Board of Directors for Cornerstone Care and the Carmichaels Area School District Board of Education. I currently serve on the Farmville Urban Development Board.