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American Certified Procurement Manager (ACPM)®

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American Certified Procurement Manager (ACPM®)

The American Certified Procurement Manager (ACPM®) tests knowledge and skills of a procurement manager. ACPM examines project contracts and procurement processes and explores thestages of contracting and procurement in the project environment. The certification certifies your skills and techniques to develop a procurement plan, contractstatement of work, contract evaluation criteria, request for proposals, and the processes of contract administrationand closure.

About the Exam

The examination test members in major instructional areas in an advanced Procurement Management skills which include

Major Instructional Areas

  1. Procurement management
  • Planning of purchases and acquisitions
  • Bidding processes
  • Procurement decision analysis
  1. Plan contracting
  • Contract statement of work
  • Standard forms and templates
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Procurement management plan
  1. Contract administration and change control
  • Contract management plan
  • Communication and relationships
  • Ethics
  • Change management
  1. Contract closure
  2. Logistics

The examination explores the methods used by organizations to acquire the raw materials, components, supplies, equipment, facilities, and services needed to operate. Other topic areas include strategic procurement, procurement process, competitive bidding and negotiation, procurement, and supply management organization, make or buy, price and cost analysis, quality and inventory, supplier selection, supplier development and certification, services procurement.