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AAPSCM®’s Academic Partner Program provides valuable tools and resources to assist schools in recruiting, training, certifying and upgrading the skills of their students in procurement, supply chain or tourism management AAPSCM®’s Academic program is designed to help training institutes or schools promote certification and enhance student career opportunities.


Financial Benefits

  • Discounts on our exam vouchers
  • Discounts on AAPSCM® Learning Resources

Certification Testing

  • Online Testing Available (AAPSCM® or Virtual training from our website)
  • Track your student’s testing results

Instructional Resources

  • Certification exam objectives
  • AAPSCM®-approved learning or course materials
  • Certification process
  • AAPSCM®-hosted conferences and webinars
  • Classroom Resources: Testbanks books, Brochures, Videos, etc.

Access to the Procurement, Supply Chain and Tourism community

  • Events and conferences
  • Membership of “Spartanburg, SC USA Charter”

Who May Join?

There is no fee to join.

  • High Schools (including career, vocational, or technical centers)
  • Colleges and Universities (Traditional degree granting community and technical colleges and universities)
  • Not-For-Profit organizations that provide technology instruction: e.g. US (501(c)3)
  • Government Funded Educational Agencies (Non-US Only)
  • Department of Labor Job Corps Centers
  • Government and Private Correctional Facilities
  • Our Affilliate Academy Partners all over the Globe

Note: To remain a Partner in the AAPSCM®  Academic Program, an institution must purchase content or exam vouchers directly from AAPSCM® and have our articulate agreement, signed agreement and accredited letters. Purchases must be made consistently with agreed number of students members monthly to remain in the program. AAPSCM® will monitor purchases and numbers of students presented

Complete eligibility criteria are contained in the official online application.


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