ACTM®- An Official Online Course – 2023 Session

  /  ACTM®- An Official Online Course – 2023 Session

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Regular Price: $450.00

Course Description

American Certified Tourism Manager (ACTM)® is the official AAPSCM® online course to build your procurement management skills and prepare for the American Certified Tourism Management (ACTM)® certification exam. Developed and created by AAPSCM® and validated by our examiners and accepted by our affiliate academy partners.

Add it to your cart now to start building your tourism management skills—and confidence—online at your convenience. It includes everything you need to test your knowledge and understanding of tourism management and helps you create strategic management decisions for non-profit and for-profit recreation/tourism organizations.  It covers the 24 educational hours required to apply for the ACTM® certification.


  • Focus your learning with hands-on, 30 minute modules that can be accessed in any order.
  • Learn assess crisis management techniques in tourism, assessing social, environmental, political, and economic benefits and detriments of tourism development.
  • Learn diversity in recreation services, introduction to leisure theory, sustainability, society, and well-being, leadership and group dynamics
  • Learn legal issues in recreation, service marketing, program evaluation, event planning and programming, facilities management, foundations of tourism, career exploration and Gastronomic Tourism.
  • Prepare for the ACTM® exam with a three-hour practice exam—developed and validated by AAPSCM®.
  • Includes a free digital version of the brochures, practice test with questions and answers to help you complete the course.
  • Includes a free tool to help you keep track of your progress in the course.