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Chartered Business Process and Fulfilment Managers (CBPF)®

Fulfillment managers are professionals who have end-to-end control over the order fulfillment process, from order receiving and processing through delivery. They are also responsible for managing the fulfillment staff, and for collaborating with external partners such as third-party logistics (3PLs). Ultimately, a fulfillment manager's goal should be to see orders fulfilled as quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively as possi- ble. A fulfillment manager is responsible for order processing, fulfillment (including picking and packing), warehouse operations, inventory and order tracking, quality control, and shipping preparation. The role is highly collaborative, as fulfillment managers work closely with customer service representatives, warehouse staff, carriers, manufacturers, suppliers, logis- tics directors, and other team members to ensure that service level agree- ments (SLAs) and customer expectations are met.

Fulfillment managers are also expected to be versed in various software systems and technologies, including inventory management systems (IMSS), warehouse management systems (WMSS), and other warehousing automation that improve supply chain efficiency. They must also manage warehouse laborers, and work in tandem with other stakeholders such as the company's logistics service provider.

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Topics evaluated in CBPF®

American Association of Procurement and Supply Chain Management (AAPSCM)®

Business Process Modeling

1) End-to-end, real-time business flow insights and intelligence.
2) Analyze the impact of IT performance on business outcomes.

Reengineering and Process change

1) Quantitative modeling and reengineering.
2) Business process reengineering (BPR) framework for improving performance.
3) Master the interactions between strategy, technology, processes, and organization.

Process Intelligence

1) Process Intelligence: What Is It? And Why It Matters.
2) Process Intelligence Mining and Procedure.
3) Process Intelligence Strategies.

Essentials in Procurement, Fulfillment, Mod 7 and Production

1) Steps in Procurement Process Flow.
2) Order Fulfillment Process: How Does It Work.
3) Order Fulfillment and Production Models.

Managing Processes; Metrics and Dashboard

1)What Are Supply Chain Metrics?.
2) Benefits of using a metrics dashboard.
3) Best metrics dashboard KPIs?.

Applying work systems theory

1) Applying the concepts of systems theory to analyze supply chain processes.
2) Supply Chain Management Theories.
3) Applications and Limitations of SCM Theories.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

1) Role of ERP in Supply Chain Management.
2) Implementing Supply Chain Management and ERP Integration.
3) Common ERP Components in Supply Chain Management.

Quantitative and Qualitative Process Analysis

1) Measuring Supply Chain Processes: Quantitative & Qualitative Metrics.
2)Benefits of Measuring Supply Chain Processes.

Technology Support for Business Processes: Mod 8 Workfows & BPMS

1) Business process management lifecycle.
2) Business process management use cases.

Governing Business Model Maturity (BPMM) Mod 10 Efforts; Process Management Maturity

1) Business process management lifecycle.
2) Business process management use cases.

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Career spans many disciplines. I started out as a public-school teacher. After leaving teaching I worked for 20 years as a business professional working for two Fortune 500 Companies. Within those 20 years, I had varying roles that touched Project Management, logistics and Supply Chain, Procurement, Corporate Trainer, and Leadership. After receiving my MBA in Leadership and my Doctorate in Business Management I have spent the last 5 years in higher education. In addition to my work in business, I have been on the Board of Directors for Cornerstone Care and the Carmichaels Area School District Board of Education. I currently serve on the Farmville Urban Development Board.