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What Kind of Management Jobs Can You Get with AAPSCM® Certifications?

Each AAPSCM® certification validates the skills needed for certain management jobs in relations to procurement, supply chain or tourism management. The only Chartered Certifications Board that recognizes Hospitality and Tourism Management as Professional skilled workforce and offer accreditation. AAPSCM® sets its goal to promote and develop high standards of professional skill, ability, and integrity among all those engaged in Procurement, Sustainable, Supply Chain, and Tourism management.

Through short training, certifications, philanthropy, and market research, AAPSCM® promotes industry growth; the development of a skilled workforce, and a commitment to creating an environment where innovation happens and where production or service provision processes embolden the Inputs of the right’ quality, delivered in the right quantity, to the right place, at the right time, or the right price. Our final objective is to skilled professionals who can ensure that risks of supply failure or disruption are minimized and/or ‘covered’ by contingency plans in global commerce.

Whether you’re wondering where to start in either procurement, supply chain or tourism management or you’re already an experienced procurement, supply chain or tourism professional, you can see which jobs you could have with AAPSCM® certifications. Click through to learn more about what each job entails and how to get there, from entry-level to advanced or manager’s roles. Plot out your next move with AAPSCM® on our management career roadmap.

American Certified Procurement Professional (ACPP)®

Proves ACPP® pros can perform critical procurement fundamentals, basic definitions and sourcing strategies, supplier relationship management, negotiations, evaluation metrics, etc.


Purchasing Officer/Procurement Officer

Strategic Sourcing Officer

Materials and Purchasing Supervisor

American Certified Procurement Manager (ACPM)®

Proves ACPM® are managers who can perform critical procurement procurement plan, ethics, change management, logistics, contract statement of work, contract evaluation criteria, processes of contract administration and closure

Commodity Manager

Procurement/Purchasing Manager

Strategic Sourcing Director/Manager

Logistics and Production Manager/Director

American Certified Supply Chain Professional (ACSCP)®

Proves ACSCP® can perform critical supply chain management in an integrated view of procurement, manufacturing and operations management, transportation and logistics, inventory and warehousing, demand planning, and scheduling in the moment.


Supply Chain & Logistics (SCL) Coordinator

Import/Export Specialist

(SCL) Sourcing/Transportation Specialist

Purchasing Agent or Buyer

American Certified Supply Chain Manager (ACSCM)®

Proves ACSCM® can perform critical supply chain management on logistics, digital coordination for supply chain integration, inventory management, risk pooling, procurement, product and process design, and international supply chain management, including logistics, etc in the moment.

Distribution Manager

Operations Manager

Supply-Chain Manager

(SCL) Transportation Specialist/Manager

American Certified Supply Chain Professional (ACTP)®

Proves (ACTP)® pros can provide hospitality, tourism management and marketing, Destination marketing and management, Sustainable tourism, Tourism and environment, Tourism planning and regional development, Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality in the moment

Restaurant Manager

Hotel Manager

Travel Agent

Casino Manager

American Certified Supply Chain Manager (ACTM)®

Proves (ACTM)®  are managers who can skilled in crisis management techniques in tourism, assessing social, environmental, political, and economic benefits and detriments of tourism development; understanding managerial responsibilities in comprehensive recreation and tourism business plan; and create strategic management decisions for non-profit and for-profit recreation/tourism organizations in the moment

Event Planning Director

Conference Organizer/Director

Bridal Consultant/Travel Manager

Spa Director/ Theme Park Manager/Casino Host

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